Ocean Farm1


Salmar Aker Ocean



Vestnes delivered this project in 2018. It was built in Qingdao, China and is now installed and operating outside Frøya in Norway. It has a capacity of 7000 tons of salmon.

SalMar Aker Ocean AS

«Vestnes delivered engineering, sound calculations, design and complete accommodation and insulation package to our Oceanfarm1 (fish farm) which was built in Qingdao, China. The accommodation module was built after Norsok standard and we also had strict weight restrictions. Vestnes delivered exactly the specific weight they promised, the strict noise criterias were also followed. We are very satisfied with the total package Vestnes delivered with their “Keys” furniture design which is making the crew feel comfortable and like home.»

Torbjørn K. Hammernes, Director – Technology & Projects