Willy is a specialized furniture line for the unique and demanding environment onboard vessels.

This collection has been developed in collaboration with Ralston & Bau design agency.  In the design process we have worked closely with the end users of the furniture as well as outfitters and stakeholders. The result has become a highly flexible product that covers various needs and demands of users.

Inspired by the movie star whale “Willy”, this collection is featuring round shaped modules and soft details which makes it ideal for the harsh environment aboard ships.  Apart from the visual effects that these features have, the modular based design makes this furniture line extremely adaptive and easy to assemble at different environments. This will also lower the installation time significantly, resulting in a cost efficient solution for our customers.

The Willy furniture line comes in various color collections, making it especially customizable for each customer. You can choose from our existing collections or make your very own color collection to match the rest of the interior.