Ocean based interior solutions

Ships have been built in Norway since the Viking Ages and is an important part of the Norwegian heritage.

Vestnes is a turnkey supplier of forward-thinking interior solutions. Together with the customer we develop solutions to maximize comfort onboard. We deliver design, engineering, project management, project execution up to a complete product of ship accommodation.

Through our more than 30 years’ experience in the business we have executed projects all over the world. We have specialized in our own furniture designs Willy, Keys and Capella which is developed together with designers and seamen, all to create a good environment onboard. We have engineers, architects, project managers and site teams available. Feedback from our customers tells us that our solutions and designs are both comfortable and creates a feeling of well being onboard, in the end this is very important and reduces sick leave for the workers.

We have high focus on sustainability when it comes to UN goals. We treat our workers well, we focus on environmentally friendly materials and try to reduce transport distances as much as possible.

Vestnes Ocean has a big project backlog with projects like fishing vessels, tank vessels, offshore vessels, Ro pax ferries, Navy vessels, fish farms and passenger and cruise vessels. The diversity of the projects gives us valuable experience and understanding of the different needs to deliver an optimal solution.


Vestnes is a supplier to some of worlds biggest cruise vessels.

Offshore Supply

We have a big backlog of offshore vessels in our portfolio.

Ro pax Ferry

Vestnes has delivered and installed accommodations for many ferries all over the world.

Offshore Wind Support

As a “turn key” supplier, we also deliver to Offshore wind support vessels.

Fishing Vessel

Vestnes has also delivered to many fishing vessels.

Live Fish Carrier

Vestnes delivers to live fish carriers as well.

Fish Farm

Vestnes delivers to fish farms.

Offshore Rig

Vestnes does also supply to offshore rigs. Our Keys furniture is specially developed for offshore rigs. “Keys – your island at sea”