MF Ryfylke- next project completed.



In July, Vestnes Ocean delivered another project to Norled- MF Ryfylke,  this is LMG 27-DEH, battery-hybrid plug in car and passenger aluminium ferry. Battery capacity is 4000 kilowatt hours. If necessary, for example in bad weather or in the event of a power cut, it is possible to use diesel generators. The ferry is 45m long and 12m wide with capacity for 97 passengers and 27 cars (alternatively 2 x 50-ton trailers). Ferry has crew up to 5 persons and operate in the Ryfylke archipelago, connection between Nedstrand and Stavanger.

Vestnes Ocean delivered and completed accommodation package- furniture design, interior decorated the crew and passenger area and insulation package-also technical area. In our scope we had also installation HVAC system, delivery and installation exhausting pillows and klading.

We are grateful and proud that we could be a part of this project.

Main photo by Arne Sigurd Mossige.






foto: Arne Sigurd Mossige