Where it all started

The factory was manufacturing electrical heaters for households in addition to the workshop cabinets that we still are manufacturing. Mr Jostein Bjørnset was involved already in 1963 when they moved the production of the heaters from Oslo to Floroe, the company was then called Ekvator. From 1963 to 1987 the company have had several names and Jostein was always involved in the company as a foreman or a production leader but it was first in 1987 they decided to establish the company for themselves and continue the production. Eirin and Odd had also been working in the production for several years as production workers.

Years of experience


In 1989 Vestnes Produkt established an own department for outfitting of interiors on ships as Kleven yard decided to start up building ships in Florø.

Meet admin

Meet our experience team.

Jonny Bjørnset

CEO Vestnes

Kai Rønvåg

Sales Manager – Land based interiors

Henryk Sobczak

Sales Director

Monika Krupa


Torleif Standal

Project Director

Philippe Charbaut

Business development

Linda Ryland

Quality Manager/Project Controller

Roy Henning Veiesund

Project Manager

Marek Wozniak

Project Manager

The Vestnes Way - Facing forward


Concept design

In Vestnes we always have ongoing a development project. We look at new furniture designs, we look at replacing materials to more sustainable solutions and we co-operate in close contact with our customers to come up with products and solutions that is according to the clients needs. Our furniture lines; Willy, Keys and Capella is good examples of these processes.



Through the design phase we also have very high focus on the materials. We need to make sure the materials are approved for use, they are of high quality and that we can document the components inside and that they are not a danger for the environment. We always seek the best solutions.



When a project is sold we have a handover meeting between sales and project management. Checklists are followed to make sure nothing is left out. The project management takes over and continue the dialogue with the client to solve the projects big and small challenges.



In the execution phase we have skilled site managers that set together a team to work closely with the yard/client. Shipbuilding is teamwork, together with the shipyard and other sub contactors we are working to make the project in time and to the correct quality. We have high focus on how to install the materials, in correct order and in a way that we meet the comfort standards when it comes to sound reduction and high durability. We put special attention to how to install and we know that the whole project starts with a good foundation from the floor work to the end of the project.


Lifetime service

We are also offering to deliver and support the shipowners with rebuilding all over the world if such are needed. With presence in many countries we can also, on short time, repair or do modifications to the existing accommodation.

The Vestnes Wave - Ideas for the future

In Vestnes we have high focus on sustainability. We see the importance of this for the future generations.

Specifically this means:

  • We have established an ESG analysis for the company
  • We have both ISO 9001 and 14001 implemented. We plan to have ISO 45001 in 2023.
  • Constantly trying to use environmentally friendly materials
  • Shorten the logistic route to where the project is being performed
  • High focus on our employees’ well being
  • Good and professional Project management to control the projects
  • Separate development projects ongoing to improve together with Innovation Norway
  • Support initiatives both in culture and sports
  • Inform and train our employees about sustainability